Four Reasons to Study Abroad in Asia

Studying abroad is one of the most rewarding experiences you can encounter while in college. Not only does it help you experience a new culture altogether, but it helps you meet people and form relationships that will likely last a lifetime. Many students opt to study abroad in a more popular area such as Australia or Europe; however, this is not as beneficial as studying somewhere like Asia. Here are a few reasons you should consider study abroad programs asia.

It’s more inexpensive than most places

It is commonly thought that studying abroad is very expensive, and for this reason, many people shy away from doing it. However, this is not always true. In Asia, the cost of living and the cost of most common items are often much cheaper than your actual college expense. Some places in Asia may even be as cheap as a third less per semester than what you’re paying.

The people are friendly

On the whole, Asian culture values calmness and a lack of intense emotion, so for the most part, they will generally act pretty kind toward you. Asians are also much more likely to be open to Westerners and their culture than most other areas of the world are. For this reason, they are helpful and overall very friendly and pleasant people, which is not something you will be able to find everywhere. These areas are also much safer, dealing mostly with petty crimes such as pick-pocketing.


It teaches adaptability

The language barrier that is going to be in place in most countries helps you learn to take risks and explore and forces you to learn at least part of their language to survive. Getting you out of your comfort zone will redefine you as a person and teach you adaptability and study abroad korea patience, as well as problem solving. You will inevitably find yourself in difficult situations, which can help grow you as a person when learning to deal with them.

The unique and fun activities

When you study abroad bali, there is a variety of programs for student exchange in bali. On the whole, Bali as well as many other areas in Asia, offers not only educational experience, but also fun things to do. When you have days to just kill time, some of your options may include anything from sailing to Komodo to see the Komodo dragons to parasailing or trekking a volcano; the possibilities are endless.

As you can see, Asia study abroad programs are plentiful and affordable. Going to Asia has many more cultural and educational benefits than going somewhere else for a semester abroad. Should you choose to Study in Bali or somewhere of the like, be sure to check out all of your available lodging and activity options. If you are considering a semester abroad, choose Asia as your location, and you are sure to not be disappointed.